3 Quick Tips For Container Gardening

3 Quick Tips For Container Gardening
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Container gardening made easy.

Right here are a few quick tips for creating a wonderful hanging basket or doing some container gardening this summer.

The first tip for you is use synthetic soil composed mainly of peat moss. Excellent soils like Pro-Mix use peat and other elements to create a soil that don’t effectively compact over the summer.

Real plant soil compacts and transforms into hard concrete beneath the pressure of normal watering. And once it does, roots cease to efficiently grow because they need excellent open cavaties to grow into and absorb nutrients in the soil.

Tough and compacted soils do not grow healthy plants so do not use real soil with your containers.

We suggest using your synthetic potting dirt from year to year.

Empty it out of the pot. We then cut it up with a shovel.

The reason this is great to do is because the compost increases air spaces and provides a jump in nutrition.

Feed your plants each and every week.

Nitrogen, is the most important nutrient for growth. It is water soluble and as water your containers from above the dissolved nitrogen is slipping out from the bottom.

We therefore suggest that you use fish-emulsion liquid feed accompanied with seaweed to provide all the trace nutrients your plants need. We can’t stress this enough.

Feel free to use any liquid plant food (like Miracle Grow) to help produce growth.

Compost tea is the Rolls Royce of liquid plant food. If you create your own compost tea, your plants will kick into gear faster and respond with bigger and better blooms as well as increased life and stamina.

Lastly, no matter what size of container you use, it is crucial to soak it all the way to the bottom during each time you water. Keep watering until you see water emerge from the pot bottom. This is a surefire sign that the roots can reach all parts of the container and grow properly.

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