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Clayton takes the prize as the very first urban neighbourhood developed in the Clayton Heights, Surrey, British Columbia. It is situated just north of Fraser Highway and south of 72 Ave. More than 15,000 Surrey residents call it home today and that number is growing. The area is has excellent mountain views and sloping highlands.


Cloverdale is located right in the middle of the city of Surrey, British Columbia. It sits on the eastern side of the city with Langley city to the west of it. Many describe it more distinctly as an eastern suburb of the Vancouver area. In the beginning, the town of Cloverdale was a small farm community in 1870.


Originally, this area was known as the Johnston Settlement. The land was cleared and early settlers homesteaded the area. Overtime, the community developed the name Sullivan and it stuck. The famous Heritage Rail can be found in this neighbourhood.

South Newton

South Newton, as it name implies, is the southern area of the overall Newton community. The neighbourhood features a variety of different types of homes and amenities. There are several nice parks and neighbourhood attractions.

East Newton South

East Newton South is the name of a large neighbourhood within the southeast of the overall Newton neighbourhood. You will find all types of homes and businesses here.

East Newton North

East Newton North is the northern side of Newton, Surrey, British Columbia. Newton used to be the home of the previous Surrey City Hall and Courthouse. You can find a local library, a Kwantlen Polytechnic University campus, and a police detachment in this neighbourhood.


Fleetwood is a well-known area of Surrey and it sits in the middle of the city.  This neighbourhood has a population of over 64,000 as of 2017. It has boundaries at 76 Ave, 96 Ave, 144 St, and 172 St.


Guildford is really the center point for Surrey. It is known for its retail corridors along 104 Avenue and 152 Street. The famous Guildford Town Centre mall can also be found in this neighbourhood. This neighbourhood is named after Guildford in Surrey, England and often attracts UK visits as a result.

Johnston Heights

Johnston Heights is a neighbourhood just south of Guildford, a town centre in the city of Surrey, BC. It is a highly populated area that has a well-known highschool.

Fraser Heights

Fraser Heights is a relatively newer neighbourhood that is located north of Guildford, on the other side of Highway 1 in Surrey. It has wonderful views of the Coquitlam mountains and the Fraser River.

Panorama Ridge

Given this neighbourhood’s name, it comes as no surprise that Panorama Ridge has a wonderful view of South Surrey. It was a provincial electoral district for the Legislative Assembly of BC, Canada (2001 to 2009). This area boasts beautiful wooded areas and is known for it’s serene atmosphere..


Historically, Elgin was a stage stop and had a hotel back in 1874. The neat thing about the hotel is that inside it had a post office and a country store. It was in 1866 that Elgin had been declared as Canada’s customs entry port. Shortly thereafter there were two more ports built within the area.


Crescent is a beautiful area in South Surrey. Considered home to numerous residents, the neighbourhood boasts walking trails, ponds, streams and lots of bike paths to discover. It is known for it’s bird population such as well as ducks and kingfishers that can oftentimes be found in ponds there. Crescent Beach is popular summer destination for people looking to relax and soak up the sun rays.

Ocean Park

Ocean Park is a frequently visited neighbourhood in South Surrey, British Columbia. There is a lot of history with this area including it being marked out on early navigation maps and was also used as a lookout point.  There was a fort built in the Ocean Park area sometime between 1820 and 1830. There are no remains of it except that the site is a small subdivision called Indian Fort Drive (west of 20th Ave).

South Surrey

South Surrey is a wonderful collection of neighbourhoods located in the southern area of Surrey. It is located on the Semiahmoo peninsula and shares a border with the city of White Rock (known for it’s beach and pier).


Douglas is a neighbourhood of Surrey that is located just southeast and outside of the boundary of sunny White Rock. This area is known for being the location of the Peace Arch Provincial Park which is shares part of with Blaine, Washington.

Grandview Heights

Grandview Heights is historically known to have been settled in the year 1878. It was not very populated and was known for it’s logging. Once Highway 15 was completed the area began to change drastically. The origin of the area’s name came from the former Grandview Heights Elementary School.

North Grandview Heights

North Grandview Heights, as mentioned above, is the northern part of the area that was first settled in 1878. It was known as a logging community until the Pacific Highway was completed, bringing change with it. It was in the year 2005 that the city of Surrey began the process of rezoning much of the west side of the neighbourhood from farms into commercial reatil and suburban houses.


Sunnyside is located in beautiful and sunny South Surrey. The name has no particular historic meaning to it. It is located on the southern slope of what is term the uplands of Surrey, BC, along the Semiahmoo peninsula.

Rosemary Heights West

Rosemary Heights West is just on the other side of 152 St around the 32-34 Ave area. It is bordered by Highway 99 as well as river and ridge at it’s northern border. It is a more recent area of development in the overall Rosemary neighborhood.

Rosemary Heights Central

Rosemary Heights Central is just inside the border of South Surrey. It is considered to be one of the newer neighbourhoods built around 152 St and 36 Ave. It is bordered by Hwy 99 and a natural ridge and river along the NW side.

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