Loyalty Program

Customer Loyalty Program


Our customer loyalty program helps you save money and allows you to give to any charity you like with every purchase.

Liberty Rewards Card

That’s right. You can empower your purchase by getting cash back on your lawn and garden purchases with Liberty. At the same time Liberty will also send money to your favorite charity!

It’s free to join and you can earn from $2.00 all the way up to $500.00* plus you can choose your favorite charity and give.


Step 1

Simply request a card below. We’ll send you one whether you hire us or not and you can use it at numerous businesses across the lower mainland and greater Vancouver. If you do book a service with us we’ll send you one automatically*. Your card does not need to be registered to be used. It is active immediately and you can use it right away. 🙂

Step 2

When you’re ready to cash out, register your card online and choose your favorite charity that you want funds sent Customer Loyaltyto.

Step 3

Use your card with LIBERTY and numerous other vendors in the city to earn cash back and a donation to your favorite charity with every purchase.



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