LIBERTY is dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience to every customer we serve. Our customers have an opportunity to tell us what they think of their experience. Take a look at what other people think about us.

“Lawn mowers were on-time and polite. They actually seemed interested in making sure my lawn looked good for the wedding on the weekend.”
– Janice Kincaid, Surrey, British Columbia.

“Never had problems with these guys, which means I got service promptly. The guys are friendly and ready to do the job. ”
– Grant Thomas, Fort Langley, British Columbia.


“The estimator was great. outgoingg and professional. cut to the chase and didn’t string me along.”
– Amanda Dhaliwal , Delta, British Columbia.

“After 3 years of unreliable, unethical, and unprofessional lawn maintenance services from several different Surrey and White Rock companies, it has been our good fortune to become acquainted and to do business with LIBERTY. The owner and his staff have proven to be diligent in their lawn mowing work and above all, totally honest and trustworthy. As owners of an estate property on Marine Drive, we pride ourselves on impeccable maintenance and upkeep. To their credit, LIBERTY has completely upheld their responsibilities in stellar fashion and we have been totally satisfied with their superb service. Without hesitation, I recommend LIBERTY to those who have experienced the disappointment of mediocre and unreliable service and who now want the best.”
– M&R Cunningham, Marine Drive, White Rock, British Columbia.

“You were able to come out and cut the grass the same day I booked (which I thought was insane). The team that came was awesome. You offer a service that I can’t do myself (mowing the lawn). I talk about you everywhere. Thank you so much.”
– Betty Gundle, Aldergrove, British Columbia.




“Absolutely recommend Liberty. They deliver and are up front with their mowing and lawn care services and prices. One of the top in BC in my opinion. I’ve been throgh 3 companies since living in my home for 23 years and I’d say they are number one.”
– Mike and Judy Barton, White Rock, British Columbia.

“Very nice staff. Don’t need to call to remind to come to house.”
– A. Chu , Fraser Heights, Surrey, British Columbia.


“You returned my call promptly! OMG what else do I need to say? You are curteous and polite and the werk was done right.. I’ve been reccomending you to everyone I know!”
– Alice Bell, Morgan Creek, Surrey, British Columbia.

“We’re very satisfied with Libertys services. Speedy. They come on the day they’re supposed to.”
– Margaret W., Langley, British Columbia.

“Fast, on time, careful, efficient, from start to finish. Excellent! ”
– Sharon Minnow, Burnaby, British Columbia.

“I always look forward to the fast, tidy, and very efficient cutting and trimming of my lawn.”
– Leona G., Cloverdale, Surrey, British Columbia.

“You guys are friendly and helpful. You arrive on time and make things happen. Easy.”
– Cindy Michaels, Vancouver, British Columbia.


“You guys do a first-class job. Every season you deliver on what you promise.”
– Dave and Terry Riley, South Surrey, British Columbia.

“I am quite happy with the lawn care.”
– Camella Z., Elgin, British Columbia.

“Dependable. Very pleasing to do business with.”
– W. Sharp, Surrey, British Columbia.

“We really appreciate your positive attitude and flexibility to meet our lawn care needs.”
– Barb Saunders, South Surrey, British Columbia.

“Very prompt service! You guys do a great job and are very professional and curteous. You nailed the work. Loveit.”
– Gladys Klassen, Coquitlam, British Columbia.


“I used these guys for 7 years now. I have seen their business grow and their success.”
– Sam B., Fort Langley, British Columbia.

“These guys deliver excellent service.”
– Tom Bishop, Walnut Grove, Langley, British Columbia.

“I liked the lawn cut you did. It was nice to come home to this. Sure, I would tell a friend. Thank you for the [censored] work. Awesome work!”
– Mike G., Crescent, British Columbia.

“I’ve been a customer for over 9 years. That says it all.”
– T. Hall Jr, Morgan Creek, Surrey, British Columbia.

“We are so lucky to have found you guys. We’ve seen one too many unprofessional fly by night companies.”
– Elton and Blanche W., White Rock, British Columbia.

“You guys are so damn reliable. I can count on you to mow my lawn every week. Even in the pouring rain.”
– Thomas Holmes, Delta, British Columbia.

“Letting Liberty take care of my lawn and garden is worth every dollar spent! I haven’t regretted it one bit since handing every thing over to them.”
– Michael Baines, Surrey, British Columbia.


“Quick, on time, honest.”
– Craig F., New Westminster, British Columbia.

“I am going to keep this short. Liberty is awesome!”
– Patti Miller, Vancouver, British Columbia.

“Good job every time they cut my gras. I am happy. Quite happy with Liberty.”
– AJ Sidhu, Delta, British Columbia.

“Two best investments I ever made was gold in 1974 and Liberty in 2002. Fantastic guys.”
– Michael P., Langley, British Columbia.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
– Sally and Harvey Banks, Walnut Grove, Langley, British Columbia.

“These guys know what they are doing. They are polite, sensible, and actually crack a joke here and there. Most other landscapers are boring and dull.”
– Frank T. Garver, White Rock, British Columbia.


LIBERTY is your hassle-free lawn, garden, and snow removal company. We offer flexible services for your home or business including offices, retail locations, townhomes, apartment buildings, new homes, single family homes and more. We’re the lawn and garden company that handles the tough stuff – and we ensure that your property is attended to professionally and most of all, responsibly.

We serve the neighbourhoods of Surrey, Cloverdale, Clayton, Newton, Fleetwood, Guildford, Johnston, Heights, Fraser Heights, Panorama Ridge, Elgin, Crescent, Ocean Park, South Surrey, Grandview Height, Sunnyside, Rosemary Heights to name a few.

Need your lawn cut while on vacation, or just a one-time core aeration, or even a full service maintenance program? LIBERTY has got your back and all you have to do to get the ball rolling is to contact us for a no-obligation quote that won’t cost you a penny.

If you decide to use our lawn and garden services, we’ll get your property in the schedule, carry out the work, and we won’t leave a dent or speck of dirt behind.

When we say we’re a hassle-free company to work with, we really mean it.

Choosing LIBERTY as your lawn and garden company is simple.

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