Fall Cleanup

Get Your Fall Cleanup Now and Reap The Benefits In Spring

Fall Cleanup

Fall Clean Up

Fall Cleanup

Every passing day here in British Columbia means the less time you have to get your fall clean up done. The end of the growing season is drawing closer and Old Man Winter is soon to make his appearance. Depending where in the province you live that can mean you already have a white christmas, you’re seeing the dreaded winter rains, or you’ve been nipped by some consistent frost. Essentially the month of November is your final opportunity to get your yard prepped for winter. Remember, what you do right now ensures a terrific beginning for the next spring season.

We’ve taken the time here at LIBERTY to make a list for you of all the tasks that you can get done to prepare your yard for spring.

  • Lawn mowing shouldn’t end until your grass actually becomes dormant. Keep the lawn cutting going. 😉
  • The final application of fall fertilizer should be put down. If you haven’t done this then make sure you do it quickly. And put down some lime as well.
  • Clean up your yard now. If there is anything that you just can’t stand now is a great time to get it removed. Get rid of that bush you can’t stand and get your out-of-control hedges trimmed up.
  • When the ground begins to freeze, that’s the time to get the perennials mulched up. If your sensitive plants have just a few inches of mulch put down then that should help fight ground temperature changes.
  • Now is the perfect time to rake leaves and you’re sure to have plenty coming down.
  • Get your gutters cleaned. If you have any trees close to your home then get their branches trimmed in order to prevent debris from clogging your gutters.


Fall Cleanup – Leaf Blowing Video

  • Pressure washing your property is a great idea. Clean up kid’s outside toys, patio furniture, outside windows etc.
  • The approaching winter can bring hungry rodents that like to eat away at the younger trees in your yard. Having their trunks wrapped is a smart idea.
  • If you’re planning on putting up Christmas lights, again, this is an ideal time to get them done.
  • When the snow starts falling you’ll see the price of ice melt and salt go up. So before things get crazy head down to your local hardware store and get some now or ask us to deliver some to you.

Once you’ve gotten your fall cleanup tasks done now is the best time to plan on what you want to get done with your yard for next season. So grab your iPad and think about this summer.

What worked this season? What didn’t work?

Are there any new plants or shrubs you want to add?

What about landscaping. Do you want to makeover your yard or just carry out a simple new project?

Write all your ideas down and get a jump start on next year. We promise you that it will make a world of difference.

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