How To Grow an Organic Garden


Organic Gardening: How To Grow an Organic Vegetable Garden

Buying organic vegetables is great but growing your own is even better.

Why have an organic vegetable garden?

Well you get great produce which is better than you can buy as well as great satisfaction of being outside and producing a great result.

Plus you get fresher food which is better than you can buy. A lot of chefs are going this route now and what is cooler than being able to say that you’re not just a gardener but an organic gardener.

1) Look For Place That Gets Full Sun

2) Garden Plot Needs Good Drainage

3) Don’t Need A lot Of Space To Start (4’x8′ to 4′ x 10′)

4) Garden Tools: Wooden Stakes, Large Size Spade, Garden Fork, Newspaper and Compost

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