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What To Look For In a Landscape Maintenance Service

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance Surrey LangleyIf you are seriously considering hiring a landscape maintenance service for your home there are several things you need to know.

Not every lawn maintenance company are the same. Some will treat you and your property with professionalism and respect, and others will not.

Taking your time to decide who is the right fit is well worth some patience.

The question you should ask yourself is what are you looking for? What services do you need and why are you hiring the company?

Some of our customers simply want a lawn cut and the odd fertilizer application. Others want a perfectly green lawn that is cut every Friday with topiary shrubs and a weed-free garden.

If you are reading this article then you have already taken the first step in finding the right company for you. No, we aren’t suggesting that we are “the one” but what you are doing, which is great, is you are doing some research. Finding a reputable company in Crescent doesn’t always happen when you contact the first lawn care company.

If you have seen a lawn company in your neighbourhood, go ask that homeowner for some contact information. This will allow you to find a referred company from someone you know.

Another step you can take is to look for them on social networks. We happen to enjoy Facebook and you will find on a lot of our website pages, we have numerous people who have LIKED us. This is also worth making a note about. You should also visit the Facebook Fan Page of the company you are investigating. Although activity on the page is somewhat important, what is more comforting is seeing that more than 20 people like the page. More times than not this is another positive sign.

You can also visit the YellowPages. If the company is advertising in there that is a good sign that they want to be around for a while and are not a fly-by-night “guy with a truck” outfit.

Another consideration you should make is looking at the type of lawn care equipment that the company uses. Here in British Columbia, some good and reputable brands are Honda, John Deere, Husqvarna, Shindaiwa, and Stihl. If you see brand names like this then you are probably looking at a lawn business that again, wants to be around for a while.

Whatever you do, don’t just go with the cheapest price. You may find that by choosing the cheaper route you are habitually unsatisfied with the work. Had you simply gone for the service that was $10 or $20 more you would have had a much better experience.

When you do decide on a company, get a price quote in writing so that they don’t hike up your cost unknowingly. This is especially important in this new economy.

Finally, keep an eye out for customer service oriented lawn companies. Look into their policies on redoing work that doesn’t meet your standards. It’s important that your requests are met. Be certain that the landscape maintenance company you are going with is willing to fix any mistakes.

We are more than willing to help you. Make sure to request a free quote before you leave.

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