Gardening tips that save you money

5 Fast Gardening Tips To Save You Money

Gardening tips that save you money

Gardening tips you can take to the bank.

It’s far too easy to spend too much on your property. Particularly your garden.

Here are 5 fast money-saving gardening tips we can offer you to keep your hard-earned cash in your pockets.

1.) Try to stick with perennials rather than annuals when it comes to your flowerbeds. If looked after, they grow rapidly so much so that you can clip them and give them to your neighbours and friends. This will save money for everyone involved.

2.) Create a vegetable garden based on what your neighbours and family are growing. That way you can share your excess with them and won’t run into everyone having too much of the same kind of vegetable.

3.) Jump on the small rock and pebble bandwagon. Instead of getting mulch (which you need to replace each spring and fall), stick with one of these two new ground covers.

4.) Don’t let your kitchen scraps go to waste. That goes for your coffee grounds as well. This is recycling at it’s best and the results are even better.

5.) Lastly, put your money into getting good gardening tools and equipment. As professional landscapers you can trust us when we tell you this. Better equipment upfront saves you money down the road.

Okay, now get out there and start gardening.

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