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Lawn Care

Lawn Care Services – Professional and Prompt

Looking for lawn care services in Surrey or Langley BC?

Finding the right company to look after your lawn can appear to be like an impossible task. There seems like there are more and more gardening companies popping up each and every week.

Not every yard care company is the same.

Finding the right fit for you may take a couple inquiries.

We’d like to invite you to request a lawn care gardening schedule and quote from us.

We provide effective and friendly, pro lawn care services for those of you who live in the Township of Langley, Fort Langley, Walnut Grove, Surrey, White Rock, and other surrounding municipalities.

Lawn Care Surrey BC


Several Lawn Care Tips To Consider

  • Try to use top lawn care equipment such as Husqvarna,¬†John Deere, or Honda
  • Removing thatch with a power raker allows your lawn to breath
  • Core aeration also allows your lawn to breath and take up important nutrients, air, and water
  • Proper fertilizing and liming help your lawn healthy and green
  • Keep an eye out for those pesky weeds and pull them when you see them or just spot spray them.


Lawn Care Langley BC


The truth is that lawn care isn’t a task suited to every person. Maybe you are the type of person that enjoys spending all day in the garden.

Or maybe you’re someone too busy to stay on top of everything.

Regardless, there is a place for everyone on our roster and we’d be happy to show you how we can help.

We provide you with a free quote. Why not let us see if we can help you this season?

There is absolutely no obligation and we provide a quote fast so that you can decide if we might be the right fit for you can look at.

There are numerous gardening organizations to choose from and you can get free quotes from most. Just make sure to include us in the bunch for a great comparison.

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Grass Cutting Services – Surrey, Langley

Grass Cutting

Grass Cutting – Professional Service

Grass cutting takes a special touch to get it just right. If you have cut your grass for any length of time on your own then you are aware of what practice week in and week out can do.

You may have mastered mowing on your own up till this point.

Or maybe mowing has mastered you. That’s okay too. It is not easy cutting the grass.

However, spending your time on things other than your yard card is where we come in.

We provide fast and friendly, professional lawn maintenance services for residents of Surrey, Langley, White Rock, and other surrounding municipalities.

Grass Cutting Surrey BC

Several Tips When Cutting The Grass

  • Use lawn equipment from John Deere or Honda
  • Trim and edge the side of the lawn
  • Cut the grass in a different pattern each time to prevent ruts
  • Clean up any grass clippings on hard surfaces

Grass Cutting Langley BC

Let’s face it. Grass cutting is not easy if you’re the one that has to do it all season long. There several days and weekends where mowing just isn’t the most favorite thing to do when you’re at home. Especially if you have had a long week and just want to relax.

Why not let us see if we can help you? We provide a free quote.

There is no obligation and we provide a quote reasonably quickly so that you can decide if we might be the right fit for you.

There are a lot of lawn and garden companies to choose from and you can get quotes from most, just make sure to also include ours for value comparison.

Imagine, choosing a lawn care company that actually provides services when they say and how they describe.

Do You Need a Grass Cutting Quote and You Live In Surrey or Langley?

Fall Cleanup

Get Your Fall Cleanup Now and Reap The Benefits In Spring

Fall Cleanup

Fall Clean Up

Fall Cleanup

Every passing day here in British Columbia means the less time you have to get your fall clean up done. The end of the growing season is drawing closer and Old Man Winter is soon to make his appearance. Depending where in the province you live that can mean you already have a white christmas, you’re seeing the dreaded winter rains, or you’ve been nipped by some consistent frost. Essentially the month of November is your final opportunity to get your yard prepped for winter. Remember, what you do right now ensures a terrific beginning for the next spring season.

We’ve taken the time here at LIBERTY to make a list for you of all the tasks that you can get done to prepare your yard for spring.

  • Lawn mowing shouldn’t end until your grass actually becomes dormant. Keep the lawn cutting going. ūüėČ
  • The final application of fall fertilizer should be put down. If you haven’t done this then make sure you do it quickly. And put down some lime as well.
  • Clean up your yard now. If there is anything that you just can’t stand now is a great time to get it removed. Get rid of that bush you can’t stand and get your out-of-control hedges trimmed up.
  • When the ground begins to freeze, that’s the time to get the perennials mulched up. If your sensitive plants have just a few inches of mulch put down then that should help fight ground temperature changes.
  • Now is the perfect time to rake leaves and you’re sure to have plenty coming down.
  • Get your gutters cleaned. If you have any trees close to your home then get their branches trimmed in order to prevent debris from clogging your gutters.


Fall Cleanup – Leaf Blowing Video

  • Pressure washing your property is a great idea. Clean up kid’s outside toys, patio furniture, outside windows etc.
  • The approaching winter can bring hungry rodents that like to eat away at the younger trees in your yard. Having their trunks wrapped is a smart idea.
  • If you’re planning on putting up Christmas lights, again, this is an ideal time to get them done.
  • When the snow starts falling you’ll see the price of ice melt and salt go up. So before things get crazy head down to your local hardware store and get some now or ask us to deliver some to you.

Once you’ve gotten your fall cleanup tasks done now is the best time to plan on what you want to get done with your yard for next season. So grab your iPad and think about this summer.

What worked this season? What didn’t work?

Are there any new plants or shrubs you want to add?

What about landscaping. Do you want to makeover your yard or just carry out a simple new project?

Write all your ideas down and get a jump start on next year. We promise you that it will make a world of difference.

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Vancouver Snow Plowing and Shovelling Services

Vancouver Snow Removal Plowing

Vancouver Snow Removal

Vancouver Snow Removal Service

If you can remember winters gone by and the moments in time where you stare out the window of your car, home, or office and see the snow coming down in buckets, then you know how it feels to face the giant and very important task that  Vancouver snow removal companies have.

Vancouver BC Snow Removal and Salting

When the snow starts falling we get the job done right.

During the winters here in Vancouver, BC, the smart choice is to hire a snow plowing service trained in the discipline of clearing snow properly and in a timely fashion. The need to look after it yourself is slowly becoming a thing of the past throughout the city.

Once the snow drops here in our climate it makes driving conditions extremely hazardous. Often times you will see cars in ditches or on the side of the road and the number of accidents rises. Not to mention the number of people who slip, fall, and hurt themselves while walking.

Snow removal businesses like ours have dealt with these conditions all winter long, year after year. We know how to deal with ice, snow, and the problems that arise in cold, freezing weather.

If you’ve ever tasted what it’s like to try and tackle the winter weather yourself then you no doubt remember that it’s nothing short of an experience that was anything but fun. It makes simple sense to hire a professional Vancouver snow removal service to look after your property for you.

How a Vancouver Snow Removal Service Can Help…

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Whether you live in a residential area that is not frequented by commercial snow clearing services or if you have a commercial property having a professional look after the snow and ice will save you numerous headaches.

If you have already hired a poor snow clearing company then you are also aware of what it’s like to choose the wrong company to help you here in Vancouver. Your time and safety is of the utmost importance. Hiring the right firm to reliably clear and salt your property is a must-have.

Making sure that children, adults, and tenants can safely travel on your property is critical. One fall or injury can create a big problem. The only catch is that you have to be available 24 hours a day all winter long because you never know when the snow or icy conditions will occur. You may also not have the proper equipment to get the job done right and on time.

Let’s face it, hiring a snow plowing service to clear and maintain your property is a smart choice. Knowing that a reliable company is looking after you all winter long is peace of mind. No matter when it snows or how much it dumps down, your property is in trustworthy hands.

So make it a point to get searching for a professional Vancouver snow removal service. Check out their reviews online and interview every candidate. Find out what snow equipment they will be using, if there is a contract, how payment is made, and most importantly, where on their list your property will be placed. In other words what timeframe will they give you for showing up.

You have no doubt seen the importance of hiring a reliable Vancouver snow removal service from this article. Please click Google+ or the Facebook LIKE button below and leave a comment or question. You can also click here and get a no-obligation Vancouver snow plowing and/or salting quote from us today.

Vancouver Snow Removal and Salting Services

langley snow removal

Langley Snow Removal and Salting | Old Man Winter Is Coming

Langley Snow Removal

Langley Snow Removal Service

Now is as good a time as ever to think about hiring a Langley snow removal service. Whether this is your first time considering a service or whether you’ve hired a company in the past, you’ve come to the right place to “look under the hood” and see how it all works.

langley snow removal

Tried and true Langley snow removal service.

We’ve met countless residential and commercial clients who thought that hiring a snow clearing company was a luxury that they could never really afford. You’d be surprised how, all things considered, it’s really not that bad at all.

Over the years we’ve helped people take the “leap of faith” and hire us as their professional snow removal company during the winter months. Many snow blowers and worn out shovels have never seen the light of day because we completely took over all the responsibility of making sure their property was safe from ice and snow. ¬†The amount of time and money they wasted by struggling to try and do it themselves became a thing of the past.

Do You Need a Langley Snow Removal Service?

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BC winters are wet, cold, and often miserable, especially if you have to drive in it. People falling on ice or vehicles getting stuck in the snow is an all to common theme once the snow starts falling. Trying to take on the task of clearing snow yourself almost always becomes a reality you wish you could wake up from.

Look, before you hire a Langley snow removal company make sure to do your due diligence. Every guy with a truck and a plow comes out of the wood work during the winter. If you’re looking for a cheap price to pay you’re sure to find it but what good is saving a few dollars if the person you hired doesn’t show up on time (if at all), or worse, damages your property?

So make sure you ask the company questions. Get some references from other people and businesses who have hired them in the past. Always know what their policies and procedures are before you opt to join their roster.

Langley snow clearing companies work on-call or under contract. Using a contract is by far the smartest choice here in Langley. If you think choosing an on-call service is more up your alley then be aware that you will most likely be visited after those who have contracts with the company have been served first.

The decision to hire a qualified professional snow removal organization is an exceptionally smart choice, hands down. The peace of mind that you will enjoy while your neighbours frantically search for someone to “rescue” them is beyond valuable. There are only so many clients that a snow removal company can service in a reasonable amount of time. Make sure you take action right now and hire a trusted snow clearing service so that you’re prepared and can easily avoid being put on someone’s bottomless waiting list.

We hope you see the importance of hiring a reliable Langley snow removal service. Please click the Facebook LIKE button or the Google+ below and leave a comment. You can also grab a complimentary Langley snow removal quote from us today.