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Fight Thatch

If you are wondering what thatch is, it’s the layer of partially decomposed stems and roots that builds between your grass and soil surface. Some thatch is beneficial – it conserves ground moisture, cushions turf and insulates soil from extreme temperatures. But anything more than half an inch thick can be problematic. Heavy thatch can repel water, dry up roots and provide cover for unwanted insects.

Control thatch by raking your lawn with a power rake or by using a lawn aerator. A lawn aerator pulls cores out of the soil, allowing water, light and air to enter and gradually break down thatch. Severe cases of thatch may require the use of a mechanical dethatcher, or complete removal and replanting of sod.

Prep Soil

Proper soil preparation can take your lawn from blasé to beautiful. Improving your lawn soil allows roots to grow deeply and more evenly, making your lawn more resistant to drought. To restore valuable nutrients and build soil structure, spread organic material such as compost, peat moss or well-rotted leaf mould evenly on your lawn before seeding. You can also use a specially formulated lawn soil.

Spread Overseed

Overseeding is often overlooked when it comes to home lawn care. Extra seeding can repair bare patches and create a thick lawn that can crowd out weeds, and resist insects and disease. Purchase a grass seed that will grow in both sunny and shady areas, such as Scotts Turf Builder Sun & Shade Grass Seed, and distribute it evenly onto your lawn using a hand-held spreader. If you have a large property, consider investing in a push broadcast spreader. Lightly rake the soil to create seed-soil contact, but don’t cover the grass seed here as it needs direct sunlight to germinate.

Water The Soil

Grass seeds need direct sunlight and regular moisture to germinate, which can take up to three weeks. Be vigilant and water the seed daily, ensuring it stays moist for up to one hour per day. Only once you start to see the grass seed germinate should you begin to cut back on watering. Water new and established lawns early in the morning to avoid any water being lost to evaporation. Also, avoid watering at night — your lawn will likely stay wet all night providing an ideal environment for weeds and disease to take root. Once your lawn is established, water deeply (unless it has rained) with at least one inch of water per week to encourage healthy roots.

Use a “Green” Fertilizer

Your lawn will naturally thrive if you pay attention to it early in the season, but lawns do require fertilizer in order to stay healthy and maintain a lush green appearance. Every eight weeks, use an eco-friendly fertilizer — not only do these products promote strong root development and choke out weeds, they are also safe to use around children and pets, and are permitted in areas with pesticide/herbicide bans. Homemade compost is a natural alternative you can use to provide essential nutrients for a thick, green lawn.

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Surrey Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care

Surrey Lawn Care Services – How To Get a Healthy Lawn In 10 Steps


If you want to get your lawn healthy and green we want to let you know that it is possible. Take out a pen and make a note of the following professional Surrey lawn care tips. It is an easy process. All you need to do is  follow our 10-step plan to get your healthy and lush.

    1. Keep an Eye On The Height
      Stick to only cutting one-third of the grass blade off. If you stick to following this suggestion your lawn will develop deep roots and spread out. This will result in thick and dense turf. In order to follow this tip, you will need to mow more often during the fast growing periods of spring and fall here in British Columbia. Keep in mind that keeping your lawn healthy is the best protection against disease and weeds.
    2. Watch Those Cut Patterns
      Be sure to change up the pattern you do when you mow the lawn. This one tip helps. Mow in one direction one week and another the next week and so on. By alternating your mowing patterns every time you mow will keep the turf and soil from compacting and prevent creating ruts in your lawn from where the mower wheels have dug down into your lawn.

Surrey Lawn Care

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  1. It Is a Good Thing To Mulch
    Mulching is great to do. Mulching is when you mow your grass but don’t bag the clippings. You leave a light layer of grass clippings behind.  You can even purchase a mulching blade which will help to cut up the grass clippings even finer. Mulching does not promote thatch, for those of you who may be wondering. 🙂 Mulching also works in the fall. You can mulch up fallen leaves.
  2. Get Those Weeds
    When the weeds are young is the ideal time to get after them. This means using pre-emergence herbicide and similar products. Consult with a local nursery about the application processes. A perfect example is taking care of dandelions in the fall while they store energy for next year. If you get them now your problems with them will be minimal if anything at all the following season.
  3. No Cutting Corners
    Has your lawn mower ever been hard to start? Ever seen your neighbour nearly break their arm trying to start a mower that won’t turn over? Make sure to get yourself a solid lawn mower. If you properly look after it, it should last for years and be well worth the investment. Start your search by looking for brands such as Honda, John Deere, and Husqvarna. Certain Briggs & Stratton lawn mowers are also acceptable.
  4. Keep Your Lawn Equipment Primed
    Make sure to tune up your lawn equipment each and every season. By doing so you won’t end up being the neighbour every one is looking at who can’t start their mower. Affordable tune-up kits are available at local stores in Surrey and other surrounding Greater Vancouver cities. You will want oil, a spark plug, an air filter, and some fuel stabilizer for when you put your power equipment away for the winter. Keep the blades sharp too.
  5. The Best Time Is In The Morning
    It seems like everyone and their dog has an opinion about the best time to water. We see so many home owners watering during the day and that is generally the worse time of day to carry out such a task. Water between 4 a.m. and 9 a.m. in the morning. This makes sure the sun won’t steal the moisture from your lawn. It also gives your lawn the best chance to dry in the morning. Water at night you ask? Watering at night can often lead to disease so resist doing this. Only one to two inches of water each week is needed by your lawn to stay healthy.
  6. Stick With The Best
    Be sure to make a note of this Surrey lawn care golden rule – you get what you pay for. When it comes to grass seed, you can bet your hard earned money that this is true here too. The cheaper the seed, the greater chance that there are weed seeds in the bag. This will inevitably lead to you spreading weed seeds throughout your lawn. Here is a tip. Look for a label on the grass seed bag that shows the seed-to-weed ratio (the percentage of the bag that is grass seed vs. weed seed). The number you want to see is less than 0.1 percent of weed seeds. If there is no label on the bag with this information, do not purchase it.
  7. Keep It Simple
    This ninth lawn care tip has us shaking our heads. We cannot tell you how many lawn mowing clients we have had over the years who wanted to fertilize their own lawn that did not follow the instructions on the. Use everything in moderation. The experts at the fertilizer company know what they are doing when they tell you how much product to apply and how often to apply it. Whatever you do, putting down more fertilizer will not help your grass. It will most likely do damage. Always follow the instructions. Stick with this – one pound of water-soluble nitrogen per 1,000 square feet is the maximum amount established lawns should have applied to them at one time. 🙂
  8. Respect The Planet
    Okay, this isn’t the time where we get all “earthy” on you and go all “Al Gore” 🙂 . The truth is that less than 2% of the total emissions output per year is made up of lawn mower emissions. It may be small, but homeowners can take several steps to further reduce harmful emissions. You can do this by air filter and oil after about 24 hours of operation. Make sure you do not tip the mower during any form of maintenance when the fuel tank is full.

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Lawn Care Services – Surrey, Langley

Lawn Care

Lawn Care Services – Professional and Prompt

Looking for lawn care services in Surrey or Langley BC?

Finding the right company to look after your lawn can appear to be like an impossible task. There seems like there are more and more gardening companies popping up each and every week.

Not every yard care company is the same.

Finding the right fit for you may take a couple inquiries.

We’d like to invite you to request a lawn care gardening schedule and quote from us.

We provide effective and friendly, pro lawn care services for those of you who live in the Township of Langley, Fort Langley, Walnut Grove, Surrey, White Rock, and other surrounding municipalities.

Lawn Care Surrey BC


Several Lawn Care Tips To Consider

  • Try to use top lawn care equipment such as Husqvarna, John Deere, or Honda
  • Removing thatch with a power raker allows your lawn to breath
  • Core aeration also allows your lawn to breath and take up important nutrients, air, and water
  • Proper fertilizing and liming help your lawn healthy and green
  • Keep an eye out for those pesky weeds and pull them when you see them or just spot spray them.


Lawn Care Langley BC


The truth is that lawn care isn’t a task suited to every person. Maybe you are the type of person that enjoys spending all day in the garden.

Or maybe you’re someone too busy to stay on top of everything.

Regardless, there is a place for everyone on our roster and we’d be happy to show you how we can help.

We provide you with a free quote. Why not let us see if we can help you this season?

There is absolutely no obligation and we provide a quote fast so that you can decide if we might be the right fit for you can look at.

There are numerous gardening organizations to choose from and you can get free quotes from most. Just make sure to include us in the bunch for a great comparison.

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Surrey Langley lawn care tips

Lawn Care Tips: How To Keep Your Lawn Green and Healthy

Lawn Care

Lawn Care Tips

Lawn Care Tips

  • Tip 1 – Fill in bare spots. If you don’t fill in those spots weeds will soon make a home there.
  • Tip 2 – Keep your grass 2-3″ long. In doing so you will keep the moisture in the lawn.
  • Tip 3 – Water in the early morning. Between 4 am and 7 am is ideal.
  • Tip 4 – Use a rain guage to track your watering. Too much water is not good.
  • Tip 5 – Don’t let your lawn get too long either. You only want to cut off no more than 1/3 of the grass blade.
  • Tip 6 – Don’t bag the clippings. If you’re only cutting 1/3 of the grass blades then leave them on the lawn.
  • Tip 7 – Test your soil. Apply lime to balance the pH.
  • Tip 8 – Use organic products less often but regularly. Trust the instructions that come with the products.
  • Tip 9 – Keep your lawn mower blades sharp. You want the lawn cut not shredded.

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Liming Grass

Lawn Care Tips: Why Liming Your Lawn Is Important

Lawn Care

Why Liming Your Lawn Is Important

Liming Your Lawn Is Beneficial

  • Sometimes the problem with your lawn is the pH level.
  • The alkalinity or acidity of the soil effects the health of your lawn. Liming can help with this.
  • To test the pH of your lawn do a soil test which tells you what nutrients the grass needs in order to help your lawn flourish.
  • Liming is a big part of a healthy and green lawn.

It never seems to amaze us about how many people think that this simple service is not necessary. It is the foundation for lawn care because it sets the stage to the absorption effectiveness of every other application you do as well as plays a big part in the overall soil condition that your grass must grow in.

Whether its the beginning, end, or the middle of the season, get your lawn limed today.

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Liming your lawn