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Lawn Care Tips: Why Liming Your Lawn Is Important

Lawn Care

Why Liming Your Lawn Is Important

Liming Your Lawn Is Beneficial

  • Sometimes the problem with your lawn is the pH level.
  • The alkalinity or acidity of the soil effects the health of your lawn. Liming can help with this.
  • To test the pH of your lawn do a soil test which tells you what nutrients the grass needs in order to help your lawn flourish.
  • Liming is a big part of a healthy and green lawn.

It never seems to amaze us about how many people think that this simple service is not necessary. It is the foundation for lawn care because it sets the stage to the absorption effectiveness of every other application you do as well as plays a big part in the overall soil condition that your grass must grow in.

Whether its the beginning, end, or the middle of the season, get your lawn limed today.

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Liming your lawn

Lawn and garden tips

5 Steps To a Good-Looking Lawn and Garden

Lawn Care
Lawn and garden tips

Having a great looking lawn and garden doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Having a great looking lawn and garden doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

If your lawn has a solid and healthy topsoil base then most of the hard work of getting a nice lawn is pretty much looked after already.

For the majority, this is simply not the case.

Here are some quick tips to getting your lawn and garden looking it’s best.

1.) The best time to water your lawn is during the cool of the morning. The second best time is in the cool of the evening. Watering during the day can oftentimes burn the lawn. Trust us when we say, early morning is best.

2.) Plant hyacinths in and around doors and walkways throughout your property. They smell fantastic and help create the spring ambiance we all love.

3.) Hedges are better than fences when you are trying to create a boundary. It’s a sharp looking backdrop for flowers and plants.

4.) Create gardens around items and objects you wouldn’t think of. Mailboxes, in-ground electrical boxes, and lamp posts are great places to make a garden around. Surround them with flowers and even rocks to bring the area to life.

5.) Quick weed control can be created by mowing your lawn often. Simply mowing up dandelions regularly helps prevent them from spreading and buys you time to get out there and pull them up from the lawn.

6.) We know we said we had 5 tips but there is also a 6th tip and that is to hire us to help you look after your property. Sorry couldn’t resist. 🙂

Your lawn and garden should look it’s best. There is a lot you can do to make it look better right now. You don’t need to spend a fortune.

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