6 Quick Tips On Caring For Your Plants


There are numerous people who get quite upset and frantic about how to care for their plants. Trust us when we say that there is nothing to worry about.

Out of everything you need to do, here are 6 quick things you can take action on to get the ball rolling.

1.) Watering

This is a bit of no-brainer really. Watering a garden is not an option. Start with a watering can. Only water if after sticking your finger in the soil it doesn’t feel damp.

2.) Lighting

Some plants require no shade at all. Then there are some that need a bit of shade. Then there are plants that require sun all the time. Again a simple point. Keep plants close of away from windows depending upon how much light they need.

3.) Temperature

There are some plants that require the right temperature in order to survive. Most plants like to stick in temperatures they were built to thrive in. Moving plants too often and changing their environment is not good.

4.) Feeding

Flowering plants need K2O. Foliage plants need nitrogen. Some plants need special feed, like cacti. It is best to feed your plants at the height of their active growth.

5.) Repotting

Some plants do not want to be moved at all. Then there are others that do need to be repotted for proper growth. A good test to see if a plant needs to be repotted is by turning it upside down and carefully removing the plant. If you see mostly roots then repot. If not, then should be fine.

6.) Humidity

Of course there are some plants that need a humid environment. A clever way of maintaining humidity is to put the pot inside a bigger pot and fill in the space with compost to trap the moisture. You can also spray the plant one or twice a day as well. Watch the day’s temperature though.

With a little bit of attention put on caring for your plants, you will see the benefits.

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